U.S. Mint readying Marshals Service coins

PHILADELPHIA — The silver dollar glistens in Paul Zwizanski’s fingers as he carefully raises it for a closer look and he’s pleased with the result. A fourth strike delivered by the Grabener press removes a wavy appearance to the surface of the iconic Marshals Service badge that highlights the observe side of this commemorative coin. It is now mirror smooth.

Supporters of private option encouraged by recent developments

LITTLE ROCK — News of a projected decrease in health insurance premiums, coming on the heels of the news that Arkansas has reduced its uninsured population by nearly half, has encouraged supporters of the private option as they prepare to push for another round of funding for the program.


Four Downs: Dissecting a Busted Play

1. Dissecting Mistake: Auburn defensive back Jermaine Whitehead’s 33-yard interception return for a touchdown as one of the key moments in Arkansas’ 45-21 loss last Saturday.