Trump comments feed speculation about Cotton as running mate

LITTLE ROCK — U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., is “high on the list for something” in a Donald Trump administration, Trump said last week, adding fuel to speculation that Cotton could become the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s vice-presidential pick.

ADEQ: Independent evaluation to be conducted at hog farm

LITTLE ROCK — The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality will hire independent experts to study the liner integrity of manure ponds at a hog farm in the Buffalo National River watershed, ADEQ director Becky Keogh told the state Pollution Control and Ecology Commission on Friday.

Police to crack down on drunken driving through July 4

LITTLE ROCK — Law enforcement agencies across the state are taking part in a crackdown on drunken driving that began Friday and will continue thorough the Fourth of July holiday, the Arkansas State Police said Friday.

Arkansans react to U.S. Supreme Court ruling on immigration

LITTLE ROCK — A 4-4 deadlock Thursday by the U.S. Supreme Court blocked President Barack Obama’s immigration plan from taking effect, news that was hailed by Arkansas’ attorney general and members of its congressional delegation and was lamented by an Arkansas coalition pushing for immigration reform.



Guest commentary: Investing in jobs, low-cost clean energy, communities

Oklahoma is blessed with some of the strongest wind resources in the country. Homes and businesses in Arkansas and other states in the region need energy supplies that are clean, affordable and reliable. Congestion on the existing transmission grid makes it difficult to move energy from the Oklahoma Panhandle to Arkansas and further south and east. The Plains & Eastern Clean Line transmission project is necessary so that Oklahoma can reap the benefits of its great energy resources and Arkansas and other states can gain access to those resources at an economic scale. Investing in clean energy infrastructure will create jobs, foster growth in local communities and ultimately improve the quality of life in Oklahoma, Arkansas and other states.

Great Promise, Great Challenge

Rep. Paul D. Ryan, R-Wisconsin, was elected the 54th Speaker of the House this past Thursday. Ryan took the gavel from Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, who had been pressured to resign the post by the ultra-conservatives in the party.

PATE: A job not done and not well

I’ve been a bit out of sorts lately. It’s not that good things don’t happen to me every day, but life’s little travails just seem to have come in a big pack in recent times. As I’ve gotten older, I deal with setbacks better than I would have a few years ago. It’s like picking out splinters — after you’ve done it a couple hundred times, you develop a technique, but you probably don’t want any more practice.