Springdale lands $563,094 COPS grant

WASHINGTON — The Springdale police department was awarded a $563,094 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice that will help hire or retain seven officers involved in school-based policing.

Yell County priest removed for alleged sexual misconduct

LITTLE ROCK — The bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Little Rock says a Yell County priest has been removed from the ministry and will not be allowed to function as a priest again because of “credible allegations of sexual misconduct.”



Editorial: Banned books remind us of freedom

Each year, during the last week of September, the American Library Association celebrates our First Amendment rights with Banned Books week. One of the event’s center points is publication of a list that enumerates those books that have received the most challenges during the past year.

Editorial: Memories of 9/11 are always near

Fifty years ago, people talked about the amazing beauty of the mushroom clouds that developed after atomic bombs were detonated in tests. The brilliance, the wide spectrum of color visible, the graceful development of the cloud itself: It was a terrible beauty to be sure, but a beautiful sight just the same, and one seared into the memory of all who saw it.