Fort Smith, Pine Bluff land EDA grants

WASHINGTON — Fort Smith and Pine Bluff have each received $1.2 million grants from the Economic Development Administration for infrastructure improvements that are projected to create 89 jobs.

Advocates challenge Wal-Mart PAC program

WASHINGTON — Advocates for stricter limits on corporate influence over political campaigns asked the FEC on Monday to review a policy at Wal-Mart Stores aimed at boosting manager contributions to its political action committee.



Editorial: Memories of 9/11 are always near

Fifty years ago, people talked about the amazing beauty of the mushroom clouds that developed after atomic bombs were detonated in tests. The brilliance, the wide spectrum of color visible, the graceful development of the cloud itself: It was a terrible beauty to be sure, but a beautiful sight just the same, and one seared into the memory of all who saw it.