KC Coach Andy Reid on Knile Davis

FAYETTEVILLE — Kansas City coach Andy Reid addressed the media about his selections during the second day of the 2013 NFL Draft late Friday.

I was able to get one quote on Arkansas running back Knile Davis into my story for Saturday's papers, but there was much more from the team's first-year coach on his third-round draft pick.

So here are Reid's thoughts on Davis, who will get a chance to compliment Jamaal Charles in the backfield.


(overall thoughts on Davis) “You take the fumbling out of his game that he had this past year and you see a running back that you would put up there with any of the top running backs in the nation. We look forward to getting him here. He knows his situation. He knows his problem, the label that he has out on him now, being a fumbler. He’ll work hard to fix that and we think we can help him with that. His sophomore year that wasn’t in his game. He carried the football a lot and he carried it for a lot of yards per carry. Double of what he carried this past year and he didn’t fumble the ball. So we think we can help him with that. What that does, it gives you a threat very similar to charles that when he touches the football he can go the distance. You’re talking about a kid that his slowest time is 4.35 so he can skeedaddle. He’s 230 pounds. So you go, this is a pretty impressive kid. And then he’s a great kid on top of that. I know people that know him that I respect. Alonzo Highsmith being one of them, who has known the kid forever and speaks very highly of him.”

(on Davis' size in Kansas City's offense) “If you can find a big fast guy that can play, you’re trying to find that. We think we got that here. He can play both games for you. He can give you the power game of a big back. He can also give you the finesse game with his quickness and speed. So I think that’s welcomed.”

(on his injury history) “He had an ankle injury in 2011, which was the primary one. He had a little bit of a hamstring here, but running backs get them. He did have an ankle injury that shut down his 2011 season. But I’m not too worried about that. We checked all that out and felt comfortable.”

(on the circumstances at Arkansas during the 2012 season) “It was a little crazy. But that really shouldn’t have anything to do with player injuries there. But I did go back, yeah, we did go back and look at 2010. I think everybody said at that time this guy is the back of the future here and a heck of a player. He had the setback with the ankle injury and this year he had a couple of games where he fumbled.”

(on working with backs labeled as fumblers) “At times you can put so much emphasis on it that’s what happens. I’ve been on both sides of it. LaSean McCoy, when he came out he was known as a fumbler. He carries the ball loose, but he figured out how to handle it in traffic and he turned that into a positive. Obviously I was there for a lot of (Tiki Barber's) career and Tiki turned that around. Took it from a negative to a positive. And then Bryce Brown this past year. Young guy. I backed off on him of wearing him out because of what you’re asking. You can turn it into such a point that it turns into a negative. I felt like with him he just needed to play and work his way through that. He hadn’t played football in a couple of years. ... I can’t tell you I’m big on fumbling. I don' like it. I don’t have a lot of patience with it. But I feel like this kid, I think we’ll have an answer there for that.”

— Robbie Neiswanger • Arkansas News Bureau