Bret Bielema’s Full Quote

FAYETTEVILLE — Bret Bielema is not accusing Auburn of cheating.

Figured that might be the best way to start this post since something I tweeted out earlier from his Monday press conference has blown up. It appeared innocent enough when I hit send: “Bielema said Arkansas wanted win, but believes ‘some people in stadium and on other sideline knew a little bit more about us.’” My timeline since says otherwise.

So to try to end the international incident it created, below is the full quote from Bielema.

He was asked if the experience of last week’s loss could help as Arkansas tries to get on track.

Oh, and, full disclosure: The original tweet has been deleted.

“I’m sure all of us growing up in life, you probably took a beating or two. As much as I disliked it, my brothers used to whoop me every day. I have a feeling I’m probably a stronger man today because of it. We took our beatings last year a couple of times. We took the worst two probably in the Alabama and the Sout Carolina games. We took that as an opportunity to say it’s not going to happen again. As bad as I’d have loved to come out of there with a ‘W,’ I think some people probably in that stadium and on that other sideline knew a little bit more about us. And when we get a little more, when we get a couple of more troops in our army and a couple of more guys believing in what we’re doing and in an unwavering faith in that for four quarters. I know it sounds trivial to play a four quarter game. But we’re not there yet. And we’re building there and we’re going to get there and there are so many things that are going in a positive direction. I think the fact that we play in a game like that and you lose it and you’re not talking about anybody this week missing a game, that’s big. Because there are teams that take a beating, as we did in the fourth quarter like there, or do something and you’ve got guys that quit or don’t have part in it. Maybe those guys that we talked about, they came to the sideline and they’re not going to be back this week, but there’s no quit in this dog. We’ll be out there.”