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King: Countdown to SEC Media Days

LITTLE ROCK — Starved for fresh college football morsels, fans could O.D. on the expanded SEC Media Days event that begins Monday in Hoover, Ala. To help ease into the four-day glut of quotes from coaches and players, a 15-point countdown:

King: Not meant to be

LITTLE ROCK — Doing his part, the 10-year-old Shih Tzu ate a few minutes earlier than usual and completed his neighborhood tour which freed his owner/walker to hightail it for the golf course.

King: Nine SEC Games Unlikely

LITTLE ROCK — Demand for more quality games, launch of the SEC Network, an emphasis on strength of schedule in the new College Football Playoff and a promise by Mike Slive don’t necessarily add up to a nine-game conference schedule in the SEC.

King: Can Watson Finish?

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Two seats to the left on row H in the media center at Augusta National, the man who once covered the Oakland A’s referred to Tiger Woods as “Eckersley like.”