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Alcohol at neutral sites?

LITTLE ROCK — Chasing the possibility that War Memorial Stadium might be able to offer something to Arkansas football fans that is unavailable in Razorback Stadium, the unmarked detours included Birmingham, Ala., Jacksonville, Fla., and Arlington, Texas.

Guilty of pre-judging pigs

LITTLE ROCK — Plausible deniability out the window, remorse is the route. The apology is for violating a personal rule against a rush to judgment in sports.

ASU coach is impressive

LITTLE ROCK — Equally comfortable poking fun at a radio show host and updating the governor, Arkansas State University football coach Blake Anderson is Hubbard City, Texas, through and through.

Don’t kiss off Syracuse

LITTLE ROCK — The first step in profitable stock market strategy — buy low — also applies when trying to back the winner of the NCAA Tournament.

Mess in the middle of SEC

LITTLE ROCK — Expecting Arkansas to be 7-7 in the SEC about 5:10 p.m. today, I couldn’t resist a look-ahead at the schedule of the Razorbacks and the seven other teams competing for third place in the conference.

Compassion on the court

LITTLE ROCK — Intentionally turning the ball over against Farmington’s No. 1 rival, eleventh grader Jeremy Mueller transcended sports.

Quality and numbers, too

LITTLE ROCK — Privy to early word on runners in the $300,000 Southwest Stakes, past performances downloaded, and uninterested in old news from Sochi, the plan was to cull the pretenders from Monday’s big 3-year-old race at Oaklawn Park.

Alcohol and texting at games

LITTLE ROCK — A teetotaling, technology-challenged person who does not pay for a seat at a football game, I may not be qualified to pontificate on the need for wine, beer, and more broadband capability in a stadium, but I understand the push.

Tour winner is loyal

LITTLE ROCK — A closet follower of pro golfer Jimmy Walker for several years, I was disappointed when a post-Pebble Beach review of his sponsors failed to turn up the Houston-based company that stuck with him during the lean years.

Pigs’ postseason possibilities

LITTLE ROCK — Like it or not, the NIT is the best postseason possibility for Arkansas. Even that will take some doing by the Razorbacks and some cooperation from some of the teams chasing Florida and Kentucky in the SEC standings.