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Zircon speck dishes on early Earth gossip

The journal Nature Geoscience recently published an article about the oldest piece of the Earth’s crust discovered to date. The big find was a 4.4 billion-year-old crystal unearthed on an Australian sheep ranch. To put this in perspective, if each person currently living on the Earth represented one year, the crystal would be younger.

Sick baby chicks in a broiler on wheels

Owning a small, efficient vehicle makes sense for someone in his early twenties living on the other side of town from his parents. A larger capacity for passengers is more useful for nearly empty nesters playing the sandwich generation game. That’s how the world works—most of the time.

The greatest date on which she will ever be asked

When a young boy asks a young girl to go out with him to the movies or a high school dance, butterflies take over the girl’s stomach. She can think of nothing else. What should she wear? How should she do her hair? Will her parents do something stupid to mortifyingly embarrass her?

In defense of the overachievers

My cousin shared an article, noting it might describe her just a little bit. When I clicked on the link, I found a story that spelled out over a dozen indicators for Type-A personalities. Considering how alike this cousin and I purportedly are said to be, I read the entire article. What else was I to do? There were two people ahead of me at the check out.

New holds potential, but old is warm and wise

As we step into January, we are inundated with new. There are new episodes of our favorite shows to be enjoyed, new resolutions and promises to be attempted, new diets to start, new spring fashions to purchase during the New Year sale. Everywhere we turn, we are being lulled into worshipping the new.

'Tis the season for circling the parking lot

An open space. An actual open space in the parking lot of a store I needed to patronize! I could hardly believe my good fortune, especially considering the proximity, less than a mile or two, to the store entrance. It was going to be a bit tight, but considering the time of year, I was ecstatic to find the spot.

Speculating reasons for Santa's fighter jet escorts

It appears the North American Aerospace Defense Command, NORAD, has ruffled a few feathers. Since the 1950s, NORAD has tracked Santa during his Christmas Eve journey. According to various media outlets, in addition to providing the animated tracking information, NORAD announced Santa’s sleigh will be escorted through the skies by two fighter jets.

The key to surviving leftovers is cranberries

There are gobs of leftovers in refrigerators from sea to shining sea, awaiting a second chance. By today, most folks have worked off their gluttonous Thanksgiving meals via wrestling their neighbors to the death over the last $2 outdoor projector screen offered by Electronics and More Warehouse Superstores.

Meaning of Day of Thanks finally rediscovered

Once upon a time, in the beautiful country known for its milk-and-honey lifestyle, the people of the Great Nation were grateful for their success and prosperity. And so they set aside a Day of Thanks. Family and friends from every corner of the Great Nation came together on the Day of Thanks.

Stay safe on the road and assume all others are dumb

It does not matter how many children, nieces and nephews already reached the milestone. When one of them earns a driver’s license, a wave of nervously proud nausea surges. Crests of mixed emotions crash over us as we remember what we were like as newly licensed drivers. We begin to avoid eye contact with the teen, fully aware of the impending question.

Proper care for clearance candy coffers

Those who had the foresight to turn their lights off before running out of candy; those who brilliantly bought candy but never decorated or turned their lights on; and those who bought several hundred pounds of candy at 75% off after Halloween are in need of guidance. The people who use the holidays to stock up on sugary treats are the ones who have a chocolate filled, caramel layered, praline topped sweet tooth.

Battling tree droppings is the work of superheroes

Since the weather cooled, Hubby has eradicated our yard of leaves a few times. Each time he straps on the gas blower, it takes over an hour for him to clear the dry tree droppings from our lawn, garden beds, driveway and walkways. Upon tidying up the grounds and getting a good night’s sleep, Hubby magically awakens to a leaf covered yard as if he’d never blown a single leaf.

Thank you, Ecuador, for pan de yuca and Guayasamin

Sixty pages in my travel diary, one video, and 958 photographs document the most amazing travel adventure I’ve had the privilege of experiencing thus far in my 40-plus years. What I expected was to meet my friend’s family, pick up a few more words in Spanish, taste different foods, and visit local attractions.

When monkeys drink wine, I can speak Spanish

This weekend, I am traveling to Ecuador. It’s the first time I’ve had the opportunity to use my passport since it was issued, other than to attend a business meeting on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. When my friend asked if I’d like to travel with her to South America, I jumped at the chance to finally get my passport stamped.